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Directly located next to the A67 Eindhoven – Venlo (exit 36 Asten) you will find Truckstop Truck-Inn Nobis. This big Truck parking with 200 parkingspots is a perfect home base for truck drivers! Order a meal, take a shower or just relax in our Truck-Inn restaurant.

The parking is safe for you, your truck, the load and open 24/7.

Costs: €1,00 p/h on P1 and P2

Payment options: DKV, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, Dinner club, American Express, cash


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Truck-inn - Parkeren
Parking rules

It is not allowed to:

  • Uncouple semi-trailers or trailers and/or leave them unattended on the car park
  • Leave vehicles unattended
  • Park outside the parking spaces
  • Leave garbage behind on the car park
  • Bake, boil or cook food, both inside and outside the vehicle
  • Place or use furniture on the car park
  • Answer nature’s call outside the sanitary facilities
  • Create open fire
  • To carry out repairs to the vehicles

Note: In this regulation apply the parking conditions of Truckstop Nobis Asten.

Using the car park is at own risk. Truckstop Nobis will not take responsibility at any time.

Truck-inn - Header - Parkeren